The Truths and Facts About Online Business

Starting an internet home business is a big dream for many people though a small percentage is actually converting their dream into reality. The recession has given impetus to this thought among a good percentage of people and they are looking for information and guidance to start a one. No doubt online business is a best option to start your own business and that too working from home.Online business is easy to start and you can make it a great source of additional income to help you to stay financially fit whether you are experiencing the recession or not. But before going into the plan of starting your home business get the real truth and facts about online business. This will help you to sustain yourself in the initial period of ‘no results’ and to avoid frustration.Mere desire to become successful or rich won’t take you to anywhere. Your desire should be a burning desire accompanied with solid actions and never giving up until you have achieved your goal. People apply statistics only to the field they are concentrating on, forgetting that it applies to all the field. The general statistics is that the failure rate is more than 95 % in online business. It applies to all the field whether it is sport, arts, business or industry. The success is for all to conquer, but only a very few pursue towards it till they succeed.Everybody wants to achieve success, but many leave the field as failures and a sizeable percentage quit in the middle out of frustration. It is because they enter a field without actually understanding the truth and facts of a field and the way of achieving success. The truth and facts about starting and building your home business will help to make you a determined guy and ready to give whatever it takes to be a successful person.The positives about online businessEasy to start and can build it even doing it in part time only.Unlike traditional business it requires a minimum investment. When compare to traditional business we can say that the investment is negligible.No risk of losing heavily.Helps to create additional income without affecting your present income.You are your own boss and you can do it in flexible hours.You can automate your business.After successful development and because of automation you can enjoy time and money freedom.The true facts about online business to prepare yourself for a successThough easy to start, it is not that simple to generate income immediately.Though you need not put in hard physical work you need to do smart work on regular basis.It is not a quick rich option and don’t enter the online business with that attitude. This attitude is the main reason for the failure rate.Detailed plan and proper execution is essential for success.As in any field you have to be consistent and persistent to achieve success online.You should be ready to give whatever it takes to be a successful person.Laziness and procrastination are the two biggest enemies of success. You have to compartmentalize your work and should do it on daily basis.Ready to take initiative to try different method if one method fails. The ‘easy’ tag associated with the online business makes a false impression that we can achieve success by doing only little work and in the very first attempt itself.Over anxiety and expectation of quick results because of the false propaganda of quick success about the online business lead to frustration and failure.Recognizing the real facts about starting and conducting your online business will help you to become a successful entrepreneur. When compared to traditional business, starting and developing online business is easy and risk free. The income potential is really great and after development you can make it an ongoing income with only a little bit of effort regularly. You can automate and enjoy life as money will be working for you instead of you working for money. These are all true only when you are putting efforts which a successful person has to. The ‘easy’ tag is only to compare the online business with traditional business, but while working with your online business see it without the ‘easy’ tag.

Endangered Species: One Player Games

For the purposes of this article, I will not be acknowledging games for young children. The one player games and gaming discussed here will refer to games for ages 13 and up.While there are a large number of high-quality video games hitting the market every year, there is one ‘genre’ that is on its way to being forgotten. One Player Games. Or even, for that matter, non-PvP (Player vs Player) games.Lately, the vast majority of new games have one purpose, and one purpose only, Player vs Player combat. While these games do have their place, there is more to gaming than simply running around shooting at each other. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the violence, far from it. But the fact is that the bulk of these games all share a number of common problems.For starters, the unofficial (and often hidden) “teams”, which are really more like gangs. Groups of friends that band together in-game to hunt down and harass new players. Often to the point where the new players have no chance of progressing and simply quit playing out of frustration. If the people doing this stopped and thought about it for a moment, they would see how they are ruining these games for themselves as much as anyone.Another problem is the lack of originality. The majority of these gamea the weapons, does not make it an original game.The third major problem with the flood of PvP games, is the real-world affects of them. These games create an enormous amount of competitive behavior. We are all aware of the ‘gaming addictions’ that can affect people. Competition is an addiction in its own right. The combination creates something akin to digital crack. I would be willing to bet good money that if a survey was ever done, it would reveal that the vast majority of gaming addicts are hooked on multiplayer FPS games. I personally know many people that spend nearly every waking minute glued to the screen trying to climb from #375 to #374 on some leader board.So why not some one player games? Take the newer Fallout games for example, great graphics, cool environment, and intense game play (at higher difficulty levels). And you get it all without being chased by packs of teenagers you’ve never heard of, or the constant flood of infantile remarks in the chat. Just straight up gameplay without the garbage. Games such as Fallout, Skyrim, Anno, Civilization, Final Fantasy, they all prove that there can be great, innovative, one player games.Many people are only interested in these games. Myself, I have spent many hours playing many multiplayer games. But after a time I found that the garbage out weighed the play. I’ve since sworn off multiplayer. I know a number of people personally that have done the same, or had no interest in multiplayer to begin with.But there is a problem for us lovers of solo games. Each year there seems to be less and less good games made for us. It doesn’t have to be that way though. There are a couple things that we can, and should do. First, don’t pirate your games. If you’re a lover of one player games, buy them! Show the game creators that there is still a market there. And if you’re really passionate, do what I do. Whenever a new multiplayer-only game gets released, I email the company that made it and say something like,”Can you please, please please make this playable in single-player?”Try it! You likely won’t get a response. If you do it will be a brush off. But if enough people do it, for enough games, it just might get these companies to reconsider releasing these games as multiplayer only. So take a few minutes and do your part. No one else will.Happy Gaming!